2017 Townsville Law Update

Law Firm Options in Townsville and New Year Update

Law firms come in all shapes, sizes, focus, and different levels of profitability. This reality makes the Townsville legal services landscape a dynamic one. They are different kinds of law firms in Townsville offering up a host of legal services you may find useful. Some firms provide services only in very specific areas of law, and they master that. Still, there are other firms that choose to diversify and offer services in many areas of law.

Understanding what different law firms can offer you is a great place to start your search for legal services in Townsville suited to your needs. Track record, service areas, and costs are good variables to begin with. Currently, some of the options across the city include:


Firms offering legal services in a wide range of areas are usually partnerships of some sort and are generally larger businesses. They are often comprised of multiple lawyers and partners specialising in different kinds of law and legal services to keep the total services offering diverse. On the downside, large partnerships can have big overheads, and therefore you may pay more for their services.

Private Practices

Even with so many partnerships across the city, there is still the private practice law firm. These firms are usually owned and operated by a single principal lawyer who specialises in a particular area of law (like commercial law, for example). Working with these smaller firms may prove to be less expensive when compared with their larger counterparts.

Free options

The Townsville Community Legal Service (TCLS) INC offers residents the opportunity to receive free legal advice when they need it in a host of different areas. These areas include welfare, senior care and support, and general legal advice, among others. The TCLS can also refer you to other entities that may be able to better assist with certain legal issues.

Meeting The Continued Need For Quality Legal Services in Townsville

Lawyers are important once populations are living and working within the context of a community where civility, order, laws, rules, and regulations must prevail. This is because there are bound to be legal issues. Townsville is no different in this regard. Townsville has been home to many law firms over the years such as MacDonnells Law which opened its Townsville office in 2000 [1] or Boulton Cleary and Kern which did so back in 1932 [2]. Since then, an increasing number of new law firms have been opening their doors here in Townsville.

‘New’ law firms can be established in a several ways. The most common way happens when an experienced law firm established elsewhere decides to move their operations to Townsville. Still, other firms are being created through mergers or new partnerships, and other similar circumstances. However, once these new firms are formed, the changes therein need to be noted so that the relevant documents and information portals can be updated regarding the same.

Law firms and lawyers are only useful when we can find them and make use of their services. As such, we have curated new firms to Townsville in 2014 to 2016 and also new law firms to Townsville in 2017 to keep you informed. Please see the updated legal services options in Townsville below.


Law Update: New Law Firms To Townsville Since 2014

Formerly Dillon Lawyers (established by Jeff Dillon more than 27 years ago), Dillon Bowers Lawyers was founded in 2014 through the partnership of Jeff Dillon and David Bowers happening that year. Dillon Bowers Lawyers law firm brings together the local and ‘big city legal experiences of Dillon and Bowers respectively. In so doing, this ‘newly’ established company has legal services in Townsville that are designed to suit just about any need.

This partnership (thanks to the nature of both Dillon’s and Bowers’ prior experiences) is designed to help Dillon Bowers Lawyers more skilfully tackle a broad range of areas within the practice of law. Some of these areas include property law, family law, civil disputes, commercial, corporate, and contracts law, and criminal law to name a few. Importantly, Dillon Bowers Lawyers will continue to operate from their previously established Blackwood Street offices.

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2017 Update

Townsville Law Update

Currently, there are no new law firms to Townsville in 2017 that have been established through either moving offices here or through new mergers and other circumstances. Still, there has been other exciting updates in the legal profession. As at January 10, 2017, Anderson Fredricks Turner (AFT) Lawyers and Advocates have bolstered their criminal law offering at their Townsville offices by adding Zoe Navarro to their team. Navarro’s presence with AFT Lawyers and Advocates will only strengthen an already impressive group of associates through her vast experiences in handling the sensitivities and complexities of the many client issues across Townsville and all other Queensland jurisdictions.