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Removing Volatile Organic Chemicals in Water

Volatile organic chemicals are chemical products that are produced as a result of industrial processes but some are normally found in nature. The presence of volatile organic chemicals is what on-site water treatment systems effectively remove in order to ensure that the contamination does not reach the level of groundwater sources to the point of leeching into sources of drinking water.

As a rule, the community water provider be it the city or municipality does test for 23 regulated VOC and tests also for another 7 chemicals in compliance with the Third Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule. If you are interested in knowing what chemicals are present in your water you can look up the published reports online or contact your public water system to know more information.

Environmental Law Regulation

Based on EPA guidelines for drinking water, there are 23 compounds that require monitoring. If the levels reach the maximum allowable value set by the EPA, the water utility company is required to take measures to reduce the amounts. They are also required to alert customers if and when levels reach the maximum allowable.

There are however 7 other volatile organic chemicals that are not currently regulated but are being monitored. These chemicals include: richloropropane, 1,3-butadiene, chloromethane (methyl chloride), dichloroethane, bromomethane (methyl bromide), chlorodifluoromethane (HCFC-22) and bromochloromethane (halon 1011). At present, the EPA is monitoring possible health risks and associated data to determine whether or not to add these to the 23 being currently regulated.

Private Well

If your drinking water is sourced from a private well, you will need to have it tested by a reputable laboratory on a regular basis. Refer to your state water laboratory officer to know more on how to sample for volatile organic chemicals as well as information on where to send such samples.

Once you have your water tested you may find you need to get a Drinking Water Treatment System from a reputable company such as ProAct Services Corporation. They are the experts in removing VOC’s from oil, gas and water.

ProAct Water Treatment Systems

Home Treatment

Usually a municipal drinking water treatment system is enough to ensure that no VOCs reach toxic levels in your home’s drinking water. If you are still concerned however, you can opt to purchase a home treatment device suitable for removing chemicals. Do check with your water utility provider or a consumer confidence report to know more about the levels of chemicals found in your drinking water and also determine the device that have been certified to remove such chemicals.