Welcome To the New Iowa Environmental Law Update

Welcome to the new Iowa Environmental Law Update! If you were a past reader of our blog we welcome you back to the new site.

The ongoing mission of this website will be to keep legal professionals as well as the general public, up to date on the ongoing legal issues facing Iowa’s environmental legacy.

Clean air, water and soil are important to all Iowans, it’s up to us all to be vigilant in the protection of these vital resources. Especially considering our economy’s reliance on agriculture our failure to protect these resources would amount to an economic disaster. Although we already have fantastic government agencies such as Iowa Department Of Natural Resources and Iowa Department Of The EPA tackling environmental issues the state legal system plays an important part in balancing the needs for protecting the environment and the interests of cities and businesses.

We look forward to being a resources for all the residents of Iowa who are interested in the legal issues that we face in protecting our environment and balancing the needs of the people.