What Are The Steps To Become A Lawyer?

Of all the other career paths, Law is considered one of the most prestigious. This is mainly due to the respect accosted by lawyers, and the general perspective that one has to be smart to become a lawyer.

For one to practice law, however, there are a number of steps they have to take. These steps comprise of examinations, practical moot court sessions and the appropriate licensing offered by the reigning law body in a region.

Below are a number of steps, completion of which qualifies one to become a lawyer.

Complete A Bachelor’s Degree

For a prospective lawyer to be admitted to the bar, the first step is taking a Bachelor’s degree. When selecting a lawyer, prospective employers check the performance of the student on their degree, and the indeed consider the course taken in the degree years.

During the degree duration, the student gains more knowledge into English, mathematics and basic critical thinking. The Bachelor’s degree acts as the basic requirement for admission into Law school.

Pass The Law School Test

In order for admission into law school, after the student has proven to have completed and passed their Bachelor’s degree, they sit a Law school admission test, which is administered by the school’s admission council.

It involves checking the student’s basic disciplines such as reading, comprehension and critical thinking. Passing this test is also mandatory.

Earn A Juris Doctor Degree

Becoming a lawyer involves much of law school, and before the students are allowed to specialize in their desired fields, they have to first take certain courses. These include contracts, torts, property law and constitutional law.

After passing these courses, the student is allowed to select their desired line, such as corporate law, criminal law, tax law or labor law. After passing the law school exams, the student earns the Juris Doctor degree.


During their time of study in Law, students are allowed sessions to participate in marksmanship, which acts as an avenue for practical experience. The student enrolls in a law firm, where they work as a clerk doing tasks such as data entry. This can lead to potential employment after the student has completed their law course.

When selecting a lawyer for employment, law firms advocate for students who have experience in a law firm, which gives a craftsman student a better chance at employment.

Passing A Bar Admission Exam

Admission to the Bar in different regions require the final exam, which is set and administered by the reigning law body. Successful completion and passing of this exam grant one a License for law practice.

This acts as the final step in admission to law practice, but students are encouraged to further their education which improves their status in accordance with the guidelines of the region. These higher statuses can include being judges and getting licenses to run their own law firms.


In America, the annual wage for lawyers in 2014 was $114,970 with the top earners getting as high as $187,199. This means Law is among the top paying career paths a student can take.